My take on Kanche


Kanche – A sensible love story, a fiercely war sequence, a blended comedy track spiced up with dialogues and references to Telugu poetry all woven together with a strong message.

Sensible love story: Unlike the contemporary love stories, there is no reference to love-at-first-sight, no coming down on knees to propose to the girl, no out of the world promises, no staged fight scenes, no eloping with girl, no fooling around with the girls family. Yet the emotion has been carried so well from acquaintance to friendship to love. Brownie points for differentiating like from love –  If you like a rose you would want it and may end up plucking it. But if you love a rose you will end up nurturing it.

Fiercely war sequence: The war sequence has been pictured wonderfully within the limited budget. It is the story of a soldier who leads from the front, who motivates, encourages, entertains and inspires his fellow soldiers. Special accolades for the dialogue which aims to establish the insignificance of one man in the backdrop of the Universe with its zillion galaxies. Do we need more bifurcations in the name of caste, culture, nation? Shouldn’t a man feel a strong bond with a fellow human being just for belonging to the same species?

The war sequence

The war sequence

Blended comedy track: Its been long since we have seen such a refreshing comedy track with laugh inducing dialogues. The comedy has intertwined so well into the story that it does not feel artificial or force-fitted. I had a wholehearted laughter after a real long time while watching this movie. I am going to watch the movie again just for the dialogues and comedy.

Message oriented – Kanche means a fence, a barricade, a separator and many more such things which define and confine people to a border. This movie is an excellent attempt by director Krish to explain everything that is wrong about a fence. A period flick that draws parallels between a fence that is put up in the middle of a village and a border that separates two countries. The movie chastises the fences which attempt to define limits on love.

The movie may be set in the backdrop of 1930s but it is absolutely apt even now. An invisible fence exists even today between various castes, religions, cultures and countries! This movie is an attempt to help us uproot this fence which is rooted deep within us.

The movie is about HOPE. A hope of change! A hope that the man kind will resolve differences and unite to work towards common good!

And the movie is a hope on the Telugu movie industry 🙂 An IMDB rating of 8.7 speaks loads about the movie.

Did you watch this movie? Please do share your views.


My well guarded little secret seizes to be a secret!

The recent twitter dual between Ameesha Patel and Kushal Tandon set me thinking on why am I so secretive about my cycle? (I personally thought the way Ameesha responded was amateurish. My views are close to those mentioned in this blog post)

Since the onset of my periods, I used to suffer incessantly with the accompanying stomach pain. I had to miss classes, sports, practice sessions, sleepovers, camps, exams, labs and sometimes even the most fun-filled cultural festivals.

During the unavoidable circumstances like board exams, I had to resort to hormones to postpone my period and mess with my regular cycle. Some times they worked and some times they didn’t. In such circumstances, I had to overdose myself with pain killers – sometimes tablets and sometimes even injections.

In addition to the physical pain, I had the additional self-induced burden of being secretive about the whole issue. Whenever I needed to go back home abruptly, I faked head ache, fever or any other ache which is the farthest possible illness from the menstrual cramps. Due to my regular excuses of ill-health, among friends I came across as a unhealthy person, unreliable for being a partner in any activity. Inspite of my consistent academic performance, I was not a teacher’s pet because I missed exams sometimes. When I started work, I felt lucky to report to a female boss because I could finally be truthful about my problem.  Later on when I shifted jobs and started reporting to a male boss I fell back into the trap of faking. Until one day when my boss expressed deep concern about my health and offered to refer a good doctor. That day I told myself I had enough and told him that i am just having my regular female problem and that I am in touch with a good gynecologist.

In retrospect, I regret the fact that I faked my own unreliability. I now think I should have been open about my issue. I should have allowed my world know my problem. That way there was atleast a possibility of empathy and may be we could have worked around my schedules keeping in mind my cycle. I suffered most because of my secretiveness and my intention to keep everyone in the dark.

Over years and especially after giving birth to my child, my cramps have significantly reduced. But my heart goes for all those girls who are conditioned to keep quite about their regular bodily function.

I know I have to be the change I seek. So, to play my part, I have started speaking openly about my periods with male members in the family. My 3 year old son understands that he should not strain me when I have my cramps. Now through this blog post I have gathered myself to write publicly about my story. I hope this act of mine would encourage many more women to talk and discuss this issue. We are the only ones who could give our girls the courage to talk openly about their menstrual problems.

 Cover of She’s Gone album: an innocent illustration of three teen placing their hands together in camaraderie

Cover of She’s Gone album: an innocent illustration of three teen placing their hands together in camaraderie

So women, please comment and let the world know your tryst with your periods!

The Art of Giving!

Giving is imbibed into Indian Culture. For us every occasion / celebration is linked up to some kind of giving. Giving is rightly defined as an Art because it is neitherGiving gained by virtue of money nor intelligence. It takes its form in a kind heart that can pause and think about a fellow human being. There are rich who haven’t yet developed a taste for giving and there are people at the other end of the spectrum who have mastered the art of giving. Let us explore some avenues and grasp some tips while we embark on the journey of giving.

Why do we give?

Giving gets us happiness. Yes, more happiness than any THING that we could buy, any TRIP that we could plan, any SAVING/ INVESTMENT that we could do for future. Don’t we all fondly remember every detail of our giving experiences? Can you recollect that smile on your face when you gave away those old clothes, that satisfaction you felt while drawing a cheque for that girl from the NGO, that call you get from a beneficiary saying he / she has got the book set / computer that you sent, that news that the child you tutored passed the exam, that uncle who called up to say the Uber you installed on his phone changed his life? Yes I do too. Every single act of kindness will make us happier. They help us identify the cause we live for!

What can we give?

Besides money there are various things that we can give in various forms

FOOD: Giving food full-fills the most basic need of a fellow being

  • We all give the unconsumed food to our helpers.
  • We could carry some spare food to donate to aged beggars we find at the signals
  • We could avoid food wastage after parties by intimating GlowTide or any other NGO which picks up the food and distributes among the needy.

TIME: The greatest gift you could give someone is your time

  • Do a task – ask that elderly couple if they need something before going to grocer; help them install APPs and make their utility payments online.
  • Make someone feel important – Call up that old aunt of yours on her birthday
  • Fill up a survey / feedback form – Be a good customer, take a minute out to fill up that odd feedback form with genuine information.
  • Share the load – Try helping an over worked colleague in your spare time. Trust me what goes around definitely comes around

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is a peculiar thing which increases by sharing!

  • Tutor a kid – look around you will find a maid’s son struggling with Mathematics / English. Couple of hours on weekends that you spend with him helping him with his basic concepts could make a sea of different to his education.
  • Train someone in a skill – it could be as simple as teaching an enthusiastic watchman how to type. We may never know how such skills help them in the future.

OLD / USED stuff: Pre-loved things are special and they could become more special by giving!

  • Clothes / shoes / bags /accessories – We could donate these to our helpers at home. I feel happy whenever I see my maid wearing that favorite salwar kameez of mine which doesn’t fit me anymore. There are NGOs who could arrange pickups like
  • Electronics – We could forego that 1000 rupees we may get on selling an old phone and give it to the neighborhood repair shop guy. Trust me he will disassemble it make much more out of the spare parts.

LIFE: Family is not always blood relations. It could be made of people who want you to be in their lives.

  • Adopt a kid – Instead of having a second child we could adopt one. Giving life is any day better than giving birth! There could be a lot of social stigmas attached to this. But we have to be the change that we wish to see. Adoption Coordination Agency (ACA) could help us through the procedure
  • Adopt a senior citizen – In this age of globalization, the kids live far away. If we stay away from our parents and we miss them dearly we could adopt a senior citizen in your locality. My husband’s friend drives my in-laws around whenever they can’t find a driver. He has become a part of our family now.

ORGANS / BLOOD: Don’t we all want a part of us to stay back in this world?

  • Blood: A healthy human being (> 18 years) could donate once in every 3 months. We stand to gain by donating blood as it boosts the production of red blood cells besides we also get a regular and free blood screening.
  • Organs: It hurts to know that only 1 out of 30 people who need a kidney receive one. Organ donation allows us to live after death in not one but multiple forms. The website Donate Life India provides a lot of information to bust our myths and make us take the plunge.

COMPLIMENT: Last but not the least; we could occasionally spare a heartfelt compliment. It has the potential to make a person’s day while it costs nothing to the giver.

When do we give?

Give to Celebrate: We could inculcate the habit of giving in your kids by celebrating their birthdays at an orphanage. A wedding could get bigger and better by donating food to an equal number of needy people as the number of guests.

Give on Success: My employer, Greenko, takes up complete responsibility of educating 3 girl children for every win of the Telugu Titans team (The Kabaddi team owned by Greenko). What a way to celebrate success! We could definitely try this on a smaller scale that fits our bill.

Give to Mourn: When a beloved one passes away, the pain associated is excruciating and the memories haunting. Get relief by donating the belongings to people in need.

Give to de-clutter: If you find anything in your house that you have not used for the last one year. Then GIVE it away

How do we give?

I would like to differ with the age old saying that goes, “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand donates”. I would say let people know and let them get motivated. Your giving gets bigger by encouraging others to give.

Happy giving and happy gaining!

Read, weave or translate Stories!

It is an uncontested fact that stories are the best tools to teach kids. Besides the moral values, they could help provide the child a wider vocabulary, introduce them to different characters, increase their world view. The kids who read more are  much more confident in facing the world and sailing through unexpected circumstances.

Last but not the least, they are awesome soothers. They help the kid calm down, forget the stress and slip into a peaceful sleep. Not one day passes with out a bed time story routine for Little D.

Thanks to the group The Reading Raccoons , I was introduced to this website 

Weave your stories here!

Launched on September 8, 2015, this platform is started with an objective of increasing literacy. With 800 stories in 24 languages it is definitely the largest database of Indian stories. Besides open access to these stories, the platform enables users to create stories of their own with the help of 2000+ free sketches. One could just pickup few sketches and weave around a story. One could also translate stories into their mother tongue. I took a shot at it and now have a story to my name – Take a look .

adhi amtha pilli thappu!

Just imagine if all the stories there were in all the languages are translated across all the other languages, will there ever be any shortage in the availability of good stories?

I am a great fan of my mother tongue – Telugu. But I always got disappointed when I search for Telugu story books for my son. This initiative will quench the thirst of many moms like me!

And I have no doubt that this platform will grow leaps and bounds in spreading happiness through those short and sweet stories. I urge all of you to let your creative juices flow and weave awesome stories or if you are half impossibly-non-creative as me then translate few stories!

Memories of Teachers’ day!

This day every year the nostalgia of the good old school days come back to me. On this day way back in 1998, in senior school, we were expected to enact as our teachers and manage the whole school for one full day. That day we looked forward to, that day which brought excitement along with chills down our spines. Ah Teachers’ Day it is again!


My math tutor got me upto speed on some calculus topic. My mom lent me a nice crispy green saree of hers for my big day. I held my head a little higher than the usual as I hung my hand bag (instead of the usual school bag) and got into the school bus. Good morning teacher! pleasant greetings from all the junior school kids really boosted by confidence. I needed a lot of it as I was headed to play the triple role of our vice-principal cum class teacher cum math teacher.

To put a stop to my trembling nerves, I rushed straight to my own class. I killed some time by handling the routine tasks like attendance and  started off introducing Calculus. I thought I cracked it until an innocent hand shot up into the air disguised in the form of a doubt. I hardly reached the boy and asked him what his doubt was, the naughty last benchers took off. They just started making some noises, moved the benches around and would act deaf when I asked them to calm down. I remember I had to fight back my frustration and just keep my pace to accomplish my target of conveying the importance of calculus. That day gave me glimpse of how hard being teacher was and my respect for my teachers went up by many notches.

Besides the mock classes by students we also had on stage cultural performances by our teachers. We the enacting teachers turn judges to evaluate their performance and distributed prizes. The whole this was so much fun while it helped us get closer to our teachers.


I am not sure if such celebrations exist across schools but would definitely make sense to introduce them!

Summers with Cousins!

One thing from my childhood that I wish to preserve and pass on to my son is the experience of those long lazy summery holidays at that beautiful family street with all those heterogeneous cousins. [I call it a family street because it houses about 5 closely related families.]  And here is why.


I attribute a lot of what I am today to those lovely holidays with those 20 odd cousins of ours. It is funny to recollect that we tried to do everything together to the extent of picking same hobby classes so as to maximize the common play time. I remember us being in a hurry to finish off our daily chores so as to assemble and start off our play routine.

We played, played and we improved our tenacity. We played so much that the rats in our stomachs’ escaped somewhere and we never felt hungry, so much that our eye lids forgot blinking let alone sleeping. We had to be reminded, pleaded and threatened to fill our stomachs and to catch that essential sleep. I think those long hours of uninterrupted engagement did help me while I slogged at the B-school J

We played, played and we innovated. Yes, we played cards so much and we innovated many variants. We learned to work around the limitations as we played paint ball with curry leaf seeds. We adapted to the circumstances – if it rained, we had paper boat competitions, if it was sunny we played shadow games, if there was a power cut we played hide-and-seek.

We played, played and we learnt group dynamics. Quite a bit of heterogeneous group we had which included kids of both the genders, across age groups from different geographical regions. While pitching our favorite game we learned to negotiate. We experienced all about team players, doers, leaders, extraverts, introverts and of course free-riders and even better we learned tactics to deal with each. We even learned to play by our strengths (choosing the artist / actor wisely) when we played games like Pictionary / Dumb-charades.

We played, played and we became tolerant. We had our share of differences, fights – both physical and emotional. We tried to deal with them through all possible mechanisms. I remember one incident where we even appointed a couple of aunts to act as arbitrators to settle our disputes. The important point here being we amicably settled our disputes and moved forward. Till date this experience comes in handy while dealing with people professionally and personally (read with husband ;)).

Today all of us did so well in our lives that our success has carried us farther away and the only place we meet now-a-days is on Watsapp. Today as one more of our cousins gave birth to a lovely baby girl I am reminded of our childhood fantasies that we would stick together when we grow up and admit our kids in the same school. Ironically, thanks to our busy schedules, my son has hardly met a quarter of my cousin’s kids leave alone growing up together.

So if I had one wish to be granted for my son, I wish he had those wonderfully fulfilling summer holidays with cousins / friends instead of those gadgets / television sets. Thank you guys for being part of my life!

This blog post is written for the #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest.

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A rejoinder to a business standard article on Bahubali!

A northie friend of mine shared this article asking for opinions from her telugu friends. Having watched the movie, though not on the first day and having followed all the uproar against the weakling in the characterization of the female lead Avantika I felt intrigued to read through the article. Especially the title echoed with my feelings.  The discourse of this magnitude sounded un-necessary for me too. But as I read through, I have lost it completely.  Does the author really mean the discourse is unnecessary because tollywood movies are anyways hopeless, because the director is used to dumbifing the female lead roles, because the female oriented movies are not successful, or because the director is a disciple of another Director who is used to objectifying the female lead! His arguments are something beyond my comprehension.

First let me rebuke on his degrading statement against Tollywood. Sir, your statement regarding telugu movies has really hurt a genuine telugu movie buff’s sentiments. Please be reminded we do have many female-lead movies in Tollywood. Missamma, Mayabazaar, Karthavyam, Arundati,  and the latest Rudrammadevi are just few examples of successful (read box office hits) and powerful female-lead movies which I could recollect immediately. I am sure there will be many more which will surface on a simple google search (let me know if you need help there). They may not match in numbers with male-lead movies but they definitely don’t fall short of matching up in ratio with other woods (Holly, Bolly, Kolly etc).

Non-telugu guys I promise to write a separate post to give you a non-biased view of tollywood and link it up here.

Secondly on the movie, when I watched the movie, I got damn bored in the first half at the over insistence to establish the physical power of Shivudu and ofcourse I didnt like him making advances towards Avantika but I enjoyed the picturization nevertheless      (And please don’t get me started on laws of physics etc… lot of so called international standard hollywood movies don’t comply as well). As the story built up I got glued to the narrative and the screen play. The second half completely compensated for the glitches in the first half. Sivagami- Ramya krishna, Kattappa – Sathyaraj , Ballaladeva – Nazar, Bijjaladeva – Rana, Snr Bahubali – Prabas! What a lovely casting,  characterization and performance. And of course it will be a crime on my part not to mention the war scene. By the end of it I forgot about all the shortfalls of first half and left the theater making a mental note to watch it again on the big screen.

I still agree with a lot of my feminist friends on why Shivudu-Avantika relationship portrayal is a cause of concern given the current Indian scenario. I could have appreciated if the Director handled it better. The fact that he used colloquial language even for a movie which is framed in medieval  times did impress me. Obviously he could have found a smarter way to handle the delicate romance between the two  powerful lead characters.

The Queen!

The Queen!

BUT for a minute forget Avantika and look at the characterization of Sivagami. Look at the respect she commands, the ethics she caries and look at the whole kingdom that obeys to her orders (including the crocked husband). And please be reminded this character has also been brought alive by pretty much the same Director. It clarifies the point that the Director might have just been carried away in Avantika’s case but had no intentions of an anti-feministic message  through his multi-million block buster movie.

Let us come to the audience. There is an age old saying “What you seek is what you get”. So I can only request the audience to use their discretion while trying to emulate the movie. You wont obviously attempt to climb up the water fall trying to dupe Sivudu right? In the same way please don’t go by the movie blindly and assume that you can continue to make advances with women even when they show resentment / when they don’t give you their consent. In short sit back and enjoy the reel for entertainment, come back to real life and behave yourselves!

I rest my case!

Kidlogic vs Momlogic!

Yeah the kids are getting smarter by the day and so are the moms! So here are some witty conversations with my 3 year old son who named himself Chintu, thinks his vocabulary resides in his mouth, believes his shirt’s colour is his  colour too and argues Kola (his pencil head) helps him with his home work. He loves holding mom’s hair during nap-time, wakes up in the middle of the night asking for more cashews, conducts science experiments during his bathe time, dresses himself up and brags about it. He never fails to look around for our cheers after every successful cricket shot. His favorite past-time besides painting, building blocks, cricket, story time, dancing his way to glory, feeding fishes is gazing out of the window. Oh wait forgot one! he loves transformers and imagines himself as Bumblebee and his dad as Optimus Prime.

He wouldn’t allow one single day pass by without getting us to muse #Aajkalkebache!

Scene 1: Acquaria, KLCC, Malaysia

Lil D: Oh I love these Sharks!
Dad: Shall we keep a shark as a pet back at home?
Lil D: [After a pregnant pause] Hmm. Sharks wont fit in our house.
Dad: Oh my! when will I grow up to be so pragmatic?

Scene 2: A cricket ball rolls under a cabinet

Lil D: [Tries pushing his hand below the cabinet with little luck]
Dad: [Attempts grabbing the ball with finger tips]
Lil D: Dad how did you think your hand will fit while mine didn’t?
Dad: (*&(*&%$%&^#*(

Scene 3: Mom and Dad leaving for a movie [ Time 10: 30 pm]

Mom: Little D why don’t you join us for this awesome movie
Lil D: What is the name of the movie?
Mom: Transformers [ Son’s favorite movie ]
Lil D: Hmm, You carry on.
Mom: Please join us we love your company
Lil D: No amma, I don’t like the lights being dimmed off in the theater. And I don’t like the loud audio too.
Mom: Are you sure you want to stay back alone? Wont you feel alone after we leave.
Lil D: No mom, I will play with my nanny
Mom: Ok dear, will be back soon [Wow, my reverse strategy actually works]

Scene 4: Meal time with Aunt on a lazy Sunday!

Aunt: So little D what is your plan? What do you want to do in Life?
Lil D: [With an expression implying – Cant you see?] I am eating.
Aunt: What do you plan to do after lunch?
Lil D: [Hmm some deep thinking] I will drink water.
Aunt: Wah, after that?
Lil D: I will clean my mouth
All of us: [This is just how far we should plan / worry about life]

Scene 5: Expecting a little cousin soon

Mom: Aunt will bring home a little sibling for you
Lil D: Oh great!
Mom: You will then be a BIG brother.
Lil D: Yay I am BIG brother. Lets go and play with the little baby
Mom: Hmm it will take a week for the hospital folks to give us the baby
Lil D: Starts crying, NO NO NO! Why do you want to take my little baby to the hospital. Please don’t take the baby to the hospital.

Scene 6: Mom trying to feed the Son his dinner

Mom: Little D I have made this mouth watering dish for you. Try out a little
Lil D: No mom, it is too hot / spicy / salty / deep fried etc
Mom: At-least try a little before commenting
Lil D: Can I try it after 10 minutes?
Mom: Hmm, may be after 2 minutes
Lil D: …
Mom: [Exhausted] Resorts to some engaging rhymes on the tab
Lil D: [Mouth wide open to eat whatever hot / spicy / salted food being fed]
Mom: [Left wondering how the cause and cure are both the same in his case]

Happy with their devices! Image Courtesy:

Happy with their devices!
Image Courtesy:

I strongly believe Aajkalkebache are who they are partly due to the role played by technology in their lives. Internet, TVs and mobiles have all become the necessary evil we cant do away with. So here are some tricks to manage this evil. They worked so far with my logical little man:

  • Created an imaginary character called Power Manager who controls the Internet Access. He provides access (for a limited time / day) only upon receiving an update from the parents that all the daily routines are taken care off. My son respects this Power Manager and his conditions 🙂
  • Made his favorite teacher suggest that he should watch TV only for a little time each day. My son who aspires to be this teacher’s pet religiously follows her recommendation and never misses to communicate this fact to her every time they meet 🙂
  • Other traditional methods – Shifting to brick and mortar methods of learning – shifting from app-puzzle to card-board jigsaws, youtube videos to puppet driven story sessions etc. Surrounding him with loads of interesting books and age-appropriate activities viz. flintobox, wonderbox, brown bag
Happier with instruments!

Happier with instruments!

  • Leaving him alone (read ignoring his commentary on the program) during his media time and paying complete attention, discussing minute details and engaging with  while he is involved in other activities

Try out and tell me if they work with your little ones too. Also share your success stories, would love to hear and learn from your experiences.

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My favorite love story!

# A 3 year old story#

A relation worth living for!

A relation worth living for!

As a teenager I never got convinced with the concept of Love. It meant craze / attraction / etc. to me.
When I met my boyfriend (now husband), I included trust and life long friendship to the list. Marriage corrected the definition a bit and added compromise. With the entry of my darling Son, My husband and I realized it is also shared responsibility and the list kept growing. Until last week

We know this very elderly couple in their late eightys. They were owners of our earlier residence.He was a doctor (Surgeon). 7 Decades ago he eloped with his professor’s daughter and got married. He has been the greatest lover I ever knew – He learnt Marathi for her. Bought and maintained a home as per her tastes. Watched Marati channels. When she- once a headmistress, got diagnosed to have Parkinson’s disease, took care of her day in and day out. He surpassed his own health complications and came out live for her. Whenever he was admitted in the hospital, he would always ask us to visit her.

When he got back home, he partnered with my husband to import and plant Red lotus (her all time favorite) in the garden. Every lotus gave this old couple so much pleasure. He just enjoyed watching her appreciate the flower.

We always thought she was lucky to have this man in her life. Until he was found unconscious in the bed 2 weeks ago. He was rushed to the hospital and put on intensive care. She would visit him at the hospital twice every day. In the beginning she was hopeful that he would get better and come back home. But as the days passed by and he juggled b/w unconscious state and a coma, her hope got dissipated.

On the auspicious day of Boghi (A Hindu festival) she passed away a few hours before him! It is further shocking to know that she was very unusual in her behavior the previous night – She would pray to god multiple times, speak a lot to her son and daughter-in-law and wouldn’t go to bed until she was forced to.

Did she guess something? All these years we thought he was waiting and watching out for her. But was it she?I know not. But I have found my answer to the quest… the undefinable LOVE.

Happiness redefined – in this world of relativity!

I am a girl from a modest background mostly brought up in small towns, with average levels of intelligence and memory power. I had my share of blessings, of being borne in an educated family, of having parents who encouraged education, of being brought up by a strong and independent lady who trusted in women empowerment, so on and so forth.

With my humble background and my aspirations many I managed an MBA from a widely acclaimed institute in this part of the World. I also am lucky to get to marry the love of my life with my parents blessings (which is quite rare in itself here and needs a special mention). I have a 3 year old naughty son. I am always proud for being able to pull of a successful career, happy married life and and a blissful motherhood in short a well balanced life. I am a happy person by many standards. And true I am happy!

Now, by the virtue of studying in a premier institute, I am lucky to have fundo friends who went on in life to become leaders in their domain of work. I sincerely feel happy for them. I applaud them on their achievements, I celebrate their happiness, I spread and share the news of their success.

But somewhere deep down I do compare. I question myself, “Why not me?”. I evaluate and end up messing with my self (confidence). May be sometimes I end up pushing myself a little harder not really knowing towards what.

Suddenly my glass turns half empty. Isn’t it just the concept of relativity playing bluff. Wait a second, why are external factors influencing my happiness? Shouldn’t my dreams, goals and efforts all be driven by my own SELF?

Now I am left pondering, when will I achieve that state of inner peace – The Nirvana?