Experiences vs Possessions

I am cheating a bit here. This particular post is infact my dear husbands’ musing. In our 5 years of marriage and many years of courtship, I have heard him vote for experiences over possessions innumerable times. I never fail to argue back that possessions also cause experiences.

To my utter dismay here is a recent research by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University. It emphasizes on the concept of adaptation to the possessions which deteriorate the happiness over time. Where as the experiences grow on us with time due to the conversations around them with our kith and kin. Apparently, these experience are ours and they stay with us longer and some times even after the material goods are used and done away with. Dear hubby so take my hi-five. I bow to thee.
Meanwhile I will muse about the car advertisement, where-in the wife hums in their new car on a rainy day and the husband repents having missed those blissful movements while being struck in the traffic on a bike until they bought the car. Don’t possessions cause experiences? Aren’t all the luxury brands selling experiences!