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Warrior Women

Warrior Woman Pic Credits: Tejaswi Bonda

20 years ago, It was 6 in the morning, Supriya was already juggling between cooking, waking up the Charlie’s angle trio, packing the bags for the day. Her precision, speed and comfort in managing these multiple tasks all at tandem are communicating years of her practise. After the clock ticked almost an hour, which would feel like ages if watched in slow motion, her sharp ears could sense the bus approaching. She managed to find the missing sock of the elder one, filled up the water bottle of the second and gave a peck on the cheek of the youngest just in time before the bus reached the gate.
A sense of accomplishment sparkled her face as she managed to get them inside the bus on time. She celebrated the triumph with a flavoured filter coffee while checking out the news of the day. She loved those few moments of solitude and which she wouldn’t trade for anything except for her daughters. She quickly moved to the Shares page where her eyes landed right on her recent bet. As she saw those 3 digits on the paper, her lips curved up and her brain was racing faster than a calculator to arrive at the exact profit she made in a weeks time. With great pride she moved on to her other holdings and made a mental note of the instruction she wishes to communicate to the broker.
She gradually picked up and sorted things to clear off the mess the girls left behind. She then packed evening snacks for the kids and left notes for the elder one. She then rushed to finish her chores before she locked the door and sped on her scooty well over the speed limits to reach her work place in time.
Not all her days were as picture perfect as this one! With her husband being away on work most of the days, she always handled the show single handedly at home. Like an expert juggler she managed house hold chores, cooking, grocery purchases, her job, 3 growing kids,  their education, health and safety needs. She had her good days and bad days too.
Being brought up in an affluent family, with a doting father and two brothers, she was never trained to play these multiple roles. She was the apple of her mother’s eyes and teachers’ pet. She was a bright student, who surrounded herself with multiple hobbies and great friends. She was a natural leader who was nominated and unanimously elected as the college leader by her classmates while she was away taking a Hindi exam. Besides her other academic achievements, she was the first girl in the family to obtain a bank job through competitive exams. Her friends and teachers always thought she would reach a pinnacle in her career and they would one day be proud to have known her.
But things changed. Things changed with her marriage at a young age of 18 following the social norms. She was married off into a family which was not comfortable with their women taking up jobs outside home. She struggled for 4 years on a daily basis to keep her job and sanity intact through 2 child births and 3 transfers owing to her husband’s job. There were days when she stayed alone miles away from her 6-month old kid to keep her job. There were days when she had to travel across states to reach her parents home  to get some medical assistance. There were days when she had to reason with the whole family which questioned her priorities. Besides the hardships, she also made great sacrifices in terms of her professional progress by rejecting promotions [just to have the flexibility to tag along with her husband’s transfers].
Her persistence and patience won her the life that she now enjoys. Her Charlie’s angles have turned into beautiful, intelligent and smart professional women. She is their inspiration and continuous source of energy. She made sure her angles don’t face the same problems she did. She may not have made the professional progress she deserved but she continues to see the reflection of her spirit in her 3 daughters!
More power to “Women of Courage” and more power to “Changing times”
Author’s note:
This story has been written for the Warrior Women Blogathon. Women’s Web & Juggernaut Books invite you to join us on an exciting blogathon, inspired by the warrior women of history.
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My favorite love story!

# A 3 year old story#

A relation worth living for!

A relation worth living for!

As a teenager I never got convinced with the concept of Love. It meant craze / attraction / etc. to me.
When I met my boyfriend (now husband), I included trust and life long friendship to the list. Marriage corrected the definition a bit and added compromise. With the entry of my darling Son, My husband and I realized it is also shared responsibility and the list kept growing. Until last week

We know this very elderly couple in their late eightys. They were owners of our earlier residence.He was a doctor (Surgeon). 7 Decades ago he eloped with his professor’s daughter and got married. He has been the greatest lover I ever knew – He learnt Marathi for her. Bought and maintained a home as per her tastes. Watched Marati channels. When she- once a headmistress, got diagnosed to have Parkinson’s disease, took care of her day in and day out. He surpassed his own health complications and came out live for her. Whenever he was admitted in the hospital, he would always ask us to visit her.

When he got back home, he partnered with my husband to import and plant Red lotus (her all time favorite) in the garden. Every lotus gave this old couple so much pleasure. He just enjoyed watching her appreciate the flower.

We always thought she was lucky to have this man in her life. Until he was found unconscious in the bed 2 weeks ago. He was rushed to the hospital and put on intensive care. She would visit him at the hospital twice every day. In the beginning she was hopeful that he would get better and come back home. But as the days passed by and he juggled b/w unconscious state and a coma, her hope got dissipated.

On the auspicious day of Boghi (A Hindu festival) she passed away a few hours before him! It is further shocking to know that she was very unusual in her behavior the previous night – She would pray to god multiple times, speak a lot to her son and daughter-in-law and wouldn’t go to bed until she was forced to.

Did she guess something? All these years we thought he was waiting and watching out for her. But was it she?I know not. But I have found my answer to the quest… the undefinable LOVE.