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Glad that my venture is covered by  Your Story Telugu. For the benefit of my friends and well wishers who can not follow Telugu, I translated the article into English. Please read and spread the word! The original article can be found here

With two Women.. a startup consultancy

It is an appreciable trend that lot of youngsters are taking risk to Bootstrap. In India the echo system to support these startups right from the idea stage is not developed yet. There is a lot of pressure on the startup founders to work both on their core value proposition and also fund raising. “We are here to support you in your fund raising activities”, say these women. Besides fund raising they provide other critical startup services like technology, digital marketing, legal and accounting services through their associates.

There is an increasing trend of traditional business people and HNIs looking towards startups as part of their investment portfolio. Unlike other investment activities, the return on startup investments can be quite high if chosen and managed well. “We take up this responsibility of identifying and managing startup investments for these HNIs”, says AND Consulting.

AND Consulting’s work style

AND Consulting supports startups right from idea to Series A stage. If an individual is keen on pursuing an idea he/she can engage AND to assess the market potential of the idea. If a startup needs strategic support, AND can play the role on a retainer basis. And if the startup intends to raise funds, AND can support the startup right from the preparatory stage to the completion of funding round.

Value proposition of AND Consulting for Startups

The startups supported by AND consulting will benefit in the following aspects.

  1. Identifies partners / vendors

It becomes extremely difficult for a startup to identify a reliable partner / vendor. The impact of an unreliable partner on a startup could be extremely taxing on a startup. AND supports startups by introducing reliable partners who are trust worthy and professional in their operations.

  1. Improvising the Pitch

Funding is a key challenge in today’s market. Investors are skeptical and are thinking twice before investing in any startups. Therefore the responsibility of the startup has now increased from merely communicating the idea to ascertaining the market potential and the return on investment. AND assists start up in improvising their pitch to address the concerns of potential investors comprehensively. This not only improves the success rate but also shortens the investment cycle.

  1. Reach to potential investor

Founders who have managed to raise funds end up spending 30-40% of their time in Fund raising. Lot of time and energy gets spent on identifying a potential investor with interest in their specific business. AND Consulting reduces this effort considerably by taking up the task of initial reach to suitable investors. “Our founders get involved in the process only after there is initial interest expressed by the investor”, says Sowjanya


Kirti got her MBA from Bengaluru University and she has over 5 years of experience at Big 4 Consulting firms. She specializes in Business strategy and Market research. She is an expert in every aspect from planning to execution. She has worked on many international projects across Singapore, Malaysia, Ghayana and Ghana.

Sowjanya did her Computer Science Engineering from College of Engineering, OU and then pursued her PGP from IIM Ahmedabad. She has about 9 years of experience in Finance and Business consulting. She also co-founded an ecommerce company along with her Husband and was part of founding team of a infrastructure consulting firm.

Key Challenges

“Identifying startups with potential is our key challenge”, says Kirti. Lot of founders are coming up with “Me too” ideas. Identifying startups which suit investor requirements is a risky affair she says. “That is the reason why we thoroughly evaluate and refine the startups’ strategy before we kick start fund raising”, she says.

“From the investor point of view the challenges are very different”, says Sowjanya.   She says, “Investors’ key concern is to realize return on their investment at the end of the day”. They brainstorm with investors and identify their focus areas and help them plan out their investments to maximize returns.

Competition; Future Plans

There are a lot of Consulting firms and Investment Banks focusing on startups with Series A funding. There are very few consulting firms focusing on startups right from idea stage.

We intend to support startups in each and every challenge they face in their early stages. We target to expand our services to all the support activities that a startup needs. They aspire to make AND Consulting the go to name for any business challenge that any startup faces.


Pursuing Passion – New year resolution


Life is too short to keep thinking. So one fine morning in January I put down my papers and started AND Consulting to put my passion into action. (Primary reason for not being able to blog). My previous startup stint made it obvious to me that there is abundant investment on one side and there are enough potential startup opportunities on the other. But there is a lack of a common language between them.

Kirti and I started AND with an intention to bridge this gap. We help first time investors identify potential investments. We help startups / SMEs raise early funds (debt / equity).

A little about us at !

Happy Ugadi to all. If you want to explore startup investing in this new year get in touch with us at