What shall we leave behind for our kids?

Not so long ago, on becoming a father Mark Zuckerberg  decided to pledge 99% of his fortune for social good. Among all the convoluted propaganda about his personal agenda behind the move, I still see a parent’s concern to ensure his kid lives in a better World. I know that feeling because, when I became mom for the first time I realized how polluted the air is, how contaminated the water is and how fertilizer loaded the food is. I did what I could – I made sure my son traveled only in a car, shifted houses when there was a construction next door, bought RO system for water purification  and started the practice of salt water cleaning of vegetables besides opting organic foods.

Despite all these measures, my son still suffers with respiratory problems and falls pray to many infections. He is paying the price for my misdeeds, our kids are paying the price for our misdeeds. Yes I dare to blame each one of us (including myself) for our life styles which are causing all the interference with the nature.

Look at what struck Chennai last week. Is it not a man-made disaster? Why blame Government alone? Shouldn’t we (ok atleast partially) blame ourselves for chocking the drainage with  non-degradable waste – read PLASTIC? We didn’t leave water any outlet, it was left to erupt out of our floorings into  our living rooms.   In Chennai water could eventually find a way in to the sea. What would happen if such rains hit land-locked places like Hyderabad?

So the big question we need to pause and ask ourselves is what do we want to leave behind for our kids? If we want to leave a pollution free planet here are somethings we can do:

  • Minimizing / avoiding usage of Plastic. Please keep a bag hand whenever you go out.
  • Segregating our waste. Buy 3 colour coded bins and practice waste segregation today. If you can then buy and distribute these bins to every flat in your apartment.

Suncity - Waste Segregation (2)-page-001.jpg

  • Talk to your raddi wala and ask him what could be done to help ease his work. Do read this article on hyderabad’s garbage journey.
  • Try composting your organic waste.  If not composting atleast see if there is any incineration center near by which could take this waste. This will reduce the waste being sent to dumping yards by 50% -> 50% less emission of green house gases
  • Try and use public transport / pool your rides to the extent possible.
  • Put up a rain water harvesting facility in your home / apartment

I know writing this is easier than implementing this. I will update my experience once I try my hand. Please do share your experiences in this journey. I am sure the road ahead is not easy and we could benefit from each others experiences



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