Deserting mother (land) over sibling rivalry?

Aamir Khan, I am one of your many fans. I am neither the crazy watch-every-movie-first-day-first-show kinds nor the my-hero-is-far-better-than-yours kinds. But I am a fan who watched your sensible movies like lagaan, rang de basanti, taare jameen par, 3 idiots, pk etc. I have also made it a point to watch most of your Satyameva Jayathe episodes and I really hold a very high opinion of you.


You made a difference in my life. So, when you say that growing intolerance is making you think about leaving the Country, I trust you. I want to hear you in detail and understand the cause of your concern. Is there something we can do as Citizens to improve the tolerance levels? Let us all try and make amends where possible.

But please do not say you are considering leaving this Country. Lot of people are leaving the Country (we call it Brain Drain) for a lot of reasons. Most of us who decided not to leave the Country would have considered leaving it at some point of our life for our own reasons. We would have loudly cribbed about many things from pollution to traffic to lack of civic sense /security to increasing incidents of women harassment. And would have quoted xyz reasons for wanting to leave the Country. Kiran’s dialogue with you (as mentioned by you at the RNG Awards function) sounded to me as one such out burst.

I would like to remind you that influencers like you considering leaving the Country, especially for the reason quoted, will reflect badly on our Nation. We run a risk of a lot of your fans following your footsteps. Even worse is if the International media catches a whiff of it, God help our innumerable startups waiting for funding. What to do, Celebrities like you are curtailed of your freedom of speech some times.

Let us just forget about the impact of your statement for a minute. All I want to ask you is, ” Do we desert our mother (land) over sibling rivalry?” If not then why do we need to give it a thought and air space?

I request you to ignore all the vitriol going on and live up to your image.  In Rehman’s words lets join hands and do the class act.

To all the trollers, please watch the video before you do what you do the best. There is a context to the statements made.



8 thoughts on “Deserting mother (land) over sibling rivalry?

  1. But the same Aamir khan made completely opposite comments about Mother land (India) in Walk the Talk show just 10 days back…. AFAIK Nothing Earth shattering events took place in India in last 10 days … It is all conspiracy of some vested interests (Read Congress or Congress media or xyz) and AK is a pawn…. Trollers have a right to criticize him and I support them too…. Even i was one of the big fan of AK but not any more…. He is the biggest hypocrite of India …… I was watching debate in one of the news channels yesterday where they clearly showed how AK is doing U turns from 2003 on so many issues that to in the matter of days …. I was also shocked when got to know that he was charging 3 cr per show of satyamevajayate that was way too much for social show….. please check this link too bout his hypocracies …. .. I have decided to not watch his movies by pending my earned money and he lost respect of many people like me….


    • Vinod, celebrities get criticized for so very trivial things which will not even be discussed in the case of common man. For instance, trying to earn more. I am not saying I will support any one who cuts lanes to earn more, but in general I am ok with someone wanting to earn. And in the blog post you mentioned, I am sorry but out of the 10 odd points mentioned in the blog I could give benefit of doubt to may be 2.
      In the Internet there are opinions against everyone including Gandhiji, Tagore, Ambedkar. How much of it we believe is upto our own knowledge and judgement.
      And my point remains that lot of Indians crib about this Country and say out loudly that they want to leave for xyz reasons. He too said it. I ask all of them to stay back and make it a better place to live.


  2. There is difference between lot of people (common man) and a celebrity…. If former (though 1000 or lakh in number) makes similar statement it doesn’t make any big difference in the society or the perspective of people living in other countries and it will never make headlines ….. But if latter makes such statement then it is making headlines across many countries and this will make difference in perspective about India which is not good for country….. Moreover the debate is all about Intolerance vs Tolerance which is going on from some time in India and AK brought this point in some other way or with some kind of jugglery words …. If you see in reality the events which are happening from last 60 years are happening even now but the difference is the events now are colored with Intolerance thing and it is quite obvious that Media is playing big role in making things intolerant ….


    • Vinod, on the impact part of it I agree with you completely and I have mentioned it in my post as well.
      I have also mentioned that if there is an issue with tolerance vs intolerance it could be dealt with properly. A statement of wanting to leave the country coming from a celebrity will be perceived as a major threat. That is the whole point of my post


  3. #‎KnowYourAamirKhan‬

    When Aamir Khan peddles the political propaganda of “growing intolerance in the last 8 months, I want to leave India” etc, it is his freedom of expression. But when you write even an open letter questioning his intentions, he will be so intolerant that he can actually get you arrested.

    This is April 2014 (during UPA rule) news of how Aamir Khan filed a case against a Retired Merchant Navy Officer who had just written an open letter to him, questioning whether his funds from Satyameva Jayate were being diverted & misused or utilized properly for good cause.

    You cannot even ask him what he is doing with the donations you are sending him. So much for Aamir’s tolerance!! And he lectures us on growing intolerance in the last 8 months.

    And you want to shell out your hard earned money to watch his movies in theaters and fill his coffers so that he can later put you behind bars for just questioning his intentions?

    News link:…/aamir-khan-man…/1/356626.html


    • Thank you Vinod for the link. The article indeed is very balanced account of the happenings in India. The call for action (reassuring people) from the Ruling party is a very sensible suggestion indeed


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