Inspiration! – Ishita Katyal

I always loved Ted talks but this one by Ishita Katyal, is just out of the world. As a child my single big worry was performing well in exams. I was in a hurry to grow up because that was the only way I would get a real World opportunity to perform. Even today a lot of people I talk to think they got to gain more experience before they could actually experiment. Look at this girl, in 4 minutes she managed to invert this thought process.

This 10 year old girl, attended a Ted talk when she was a 7 year old. She innocently says, ” I didn’t understand the topic  but I loved the attention and appreciation the speaker received “. Her ambition to become a Tedx speaker and her resolve to not wait till she grows up is something that inspires me. This is that seed of thought she tries to communicate in her talk – “You don’t have to wait till you grow up”. The opportunity is today and now.

I call her an inspiration because she is neither a gifted child nor a child prodigy. She is a simple, self-made girl who is well-nurtured and encouraged by her parents. She is like you and me. Her courage, resolve and focus are the attributes that helped her make a difference.

Ishita Katyal keep going girl. I am one of your fans and will keep following you to see you succeed in all your endeavors. God bless you.


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