My view on ‘Can I have a chocolate milkshake?’

I would have been awed by this book, if I didn’t have the fortune of knowing the author “Capt. Rajat Mishra” personally. The inspirational element of the book is intact for me but the inquisitiveness part of knowing the next course of events was lost because I already know what happened in reality. With this disclaimer I will try to give a balanced view on the book.


Yes this is a very inspiring book. It helps one realize the inner potential one could count on. It nurtures the self-confidence and never-say-never attitude. The USP of this book is its simple language and its capacity to inspire without being preachy. It is just a plain simple story of a common man who dealt with all that the life had to offer and managed to evolve as a successful individual. The fact that this is a real life account adds the necessary trust factor.

The account on NDA & IMA experience is just in the right dosage so as to inform and inspire aspirants rather than scare them away. The aspect of dealing with a bad-breakup is maturely handled. The ISB / IIM-A stint is aptly described and invoked a lot of nostalgia. The infinite energy and unending support we receive from our parents and family is duly accredited. Above all the hope that drives Sidhanth through out the thick and thin (Sin curve?)of life is something to emulate.

Some references to blog posts and other published material on the author were so tempting that I felt torn between finishing the book and looking up the references.

Personally having gone through similar situations (of a nasty accident, an inter-caste relationship and a heart-wrenching breakup before its culmination into a marriage,) I know how challenging it could be to target, focus and clear CAT.   I felt the modesty of the author has interfered with communication of the determination one needs in order to achieve this. It is no easy feat to stay focused while in the middle of the puddle. It would have been lot more useful if there was special focus on the strategies employed to stay tuned. The NDA modified DNA helped Sidhanth but not everyone is fortunate enough. Rajat, may be one more book some other time?

All in all, I recommend this book to every NDA aspirant, to every MBA aspirant, to every competitive exam aspirant, to every broken heart and to every human being who wishes to lead a happy life.


6 thoughts on “My view on ‘Can I have a chocolate milkshake?’

  1. Hi Sowjanya:
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book and happy to know that you liked it. I do agree with you, the determination level has to be unwavering and absolute… in the next book maybe :).

    Rajat Mishra


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