I should be afraid of street men not street dogs

This Diwali has been so much fun at my parents home along with cousins. After an exhaustively engaging evening followed by a heavy festive supper me and my husband decided to go back home. We intended to be well planned and decked up for the loaded day ahead.

At 12 in the night, we expected a nice, serene, long 12 km drive back home. But that was not to be. Thanks to our street men.

We were on a main road when we saw a small flame flying towards us. We were surprised and were searching around to see if some one was foolish enough to through a cracker on to the road. To our horror what we discovered was that there were 6 men on two bikes a little ahead of us who decided to celebrate Diwali while driving on the roads. Yes! they were holding crackers in one hand and fire in the other and continuously throwing ignited crackers behind them. They were in no mood to check if there was some other vehicle behind them. Guys you may not care a dime about your lives, but please understand that you have no right over others lives.

As if this incident alone was not enough for a night, there was more to come. There were these 2 pedestrians crossing the road. Suddenly for no reason they speed up to us and act as if they were going to pounce on to me. My husband was taken-a-back a bit and the bike did skid before he could gain back his control. These idiots just ran away as they see my husband apply a sudden break with an intention to give them a earful. I am surprised at their recklessness, do they even realize that we could have been hurt severely if their little prank turned out to be an accident.

I did hear about street dogs chasing and causing accidents. I could still understand that because, the light beam or honking could have disturbed the dog and it would have just gone by its instincts. But what is wrong with these people? Are their brains so under-evolved or they just do not care? Where are we heading?



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