My take on Kanche


Kanche – A sensible love story, a fiercely war sequence, a blended comedy track spiced up with dialogues and references to Telugu poetry all woven together with a strong message.

Sensible love story: Unlike the contemporary love stories, there is no reference to love-at-first-sight, no coming down on knees to propose to the girl, no out of the world promises, no staged fight scenes, no eloping with girl, no fooling around with the girls family. Yet the emotion has been carried so well from acquaintance to friendship to love. Brownie points for differentiating like from love –  If you like a rose you would want it and may end up plucking it. But if you love a rose you will end up nurturing it.

Fiercely war sequence: The war sequence has been pictured wonderfully within the limited budget. It is the story of a soldier who leads from the front, who motivates, encourages, entertains and inspires his fellow soldiers. Special accolades for the dialogue which aims to establish the insignificance of one man in the backdrop of the Universe with its zillion galaxies. Do we need more bifurcations in the name of caste, culture, nation? Shouldn’t a man feel a strong bond with a fellow human being just for belonging to the same species?

The war sequence

The war sequence

Blended comedy track: Its been long since we have seen such a refreshing comedy track with laugh inducing dialogues. The comedy has intertwined so well into the story that it does not feel artificial or force-fitted. I had a wholehearted laughter after a real long time while watching this movie. I am going to watch the movie again just for the dialogues and comedy.

Message oriented – Kanche means a fence, a barricade, a separator and many more such things which define and confine people to a border. This movie is an excellent attempt by director Krish to explain everything that is wrong about a fence. A period flick that draws parallels between a fence that is put up in the middle of a village and a border that separates two countries. The movie chastises the fences which attempt to define limits on love.

The movie may be set in the backdrop of 1930s but it is absolutely apt even now. An invisible fence exists even today between various castes, religions, cultures and countries! This movie is an attempt to help us uproot this fence which is rooted deep within us.

The movie is about HOPE. A hope of change! A hope that the man kind will resolve differences and unite to work towards common good!

And the movie is a hope on the Telugu movie industry 🙂 An IMDB rating of 8.7 speaks loads about the movie.

Did you watch this movie? Please do share your views.


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