Read, weave or translate Stories!

It is an uncontested fact that stories are the best tools to teach kids. Besides the moral values, they could help provide the child a wider vocabulary, introduce them to different characters, increase their world view. The kids who read more are  much more confident in facing the world and sailing through unexpected circumstances.

Last but not the least, they are awesome soothers. They help the kid calm down, forget the stress and slip into a peaceful sleep. Not one day passes with out a bed time story routine for Little D.

Thanks to the group The Reading Raccoons , I was introduced to this website 

Weave your stories here!

Launched on September 8, 2015, this platform is started with an objective of increasing literacy. With 800 stories in 24 languages it is definitely the largest database of Indian stories. Besides open access to these stories, the platform enables users to create stories of their own with the help of 2000+ free sketches. One could just pickup few sketches and weave around a story. One could also translate stories into their mother tongue. I took a shot at it and now have a story to my name – Take a look .

adhi amtha pilli thappu!

Just imagine if all the stories there were in all the languages are translated across all the other languages, will there ever be any shortage in the availability of good stories?

I am a great fan of my mother tongue – Telugu. But I always got disappointed when I search for Telugu story books for my son. This initiative will quench the thirst of many moms like me!

And I have no doubt that this platform will grow leaps and bounds in spreading happiness through those short and sweet stories. I urge all of you to let your creative juices flow and weave awesome stories or if you are half impossibly-non-creative as me then translate few stories!


2 thoughts on “Read, weave or translate Stories!

  1. You did great job in creating the long did it take? I tried to create a story, the interface is not very friendly to create story…but love their concept..really unique and a nice database to refer in future.

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