Memories of Teachers’ day!

This day every year the nostalgia of the good old school days come back to me. On this day way back in 1998, in senior school, we were expected to enact as our teachers and manage the whole school for one full day. That day we looked forward to, that day which brought excitement along with chills down our spines. Ah Teachers’ Day it is again!


My math tutor got me upto speed on some calculus topic. My mom lent me a nice crispy green saree of hers for my big day. I held my head a little higher than the usual as I hung my hand bag (instead of the usual school bag) and got into the school bus. Good morning teacher! pleasant greetings from all the junior school kids really boosted by confidence. I needed a lot of it as I was headed to play the triple role of our vice-principal cum class teacher cum math teacher.

To put a stop to my trembling nerves, I rushed straight to my own class. I killed some time by handling the routine tasks like attendance and  started off introducing Calculus. I thought I cracked it until an innocent hand shot up into the air disguised in the form of a doubt. I hardly reached the boy and asked him what his doubt was, the naughty last benchers took off. They just started making some noises, moved the benches around and would act deaf when I asked them to calm down. I remember I had to fight back my frustration and just keep my pace to accomplish my target of conveying the importance of calculus. That day gave me glimpse of how hard being teacher was and my respect for my teachers went up by many notches.

Besides the mock classes by students we also had on stage cultural performances by our teachers. We the enacting teachers turn judges to evaluate their performance and distributed prizes. The whole this was so much fun while it helped us get closer to our teachers.


I am not sure if such celebrations exist across schools but would definitely make sense to introduce them!


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