Happiness redefined – in this world of relativity!

I am a girl from a modest background mostly brought up in small towns, with average levels of intelligence and memory power. I had my share of blessings, of being borne in an educated family, of having parents who encouraged education, of being brought up by a strong and independent lady who trusted in women empowerment, so on and so forth.

With my humble background and my aspirations many I managed an MBA from a widely acclaimed institute in this part of the World. I also am lucky to get to marry the love of my life with my parents blessings (which is quite rare in itself here and needs a special mention). I have a 3 year old naughty son. I am always proud for being able to pull of a successful career, happy married life and and a blissful motherhood in short a well balanced life. I am a happy person by many standards. And true I am happy!

Now, by the virtue of studying in a premier institute, I am lucky to have fundo friends who went on in life to become leaders in their domain of work. I sincerely feel happy for them. I applaud them on their achievements, I celebrate their happiness, I spread and share the news of their success.

But somewhere deep down I do compare. I question myself, “Why not me?”. I evaluate and end up messing with my self (confidence). May be sometimes I end up pushing myself a little harder not really knowing towards what.

Suddenly my glass turns half empty. Isn’t it just the concept of relativity playing bluff. Wait a second, why are external factors influencing my happiness? Shouldn’t my dreams, goals and efforts all be driven by my own SELF?

Now I am left pondering, when will I achieve that state of inner peace – The Nirvana?


3 thoughts on “Happiness redefined – in this world of relativity!

  1. Nice Post!

    All we see and experience is coming out of ones self.So if one can control his/her senses and understand the truth of oneness(tightly coupled with Advytha),the mere vibes of external forces/thoughts acting upon us can be constantly put on check thus conserving the happiness we deserve.


  2. Nice one sowjanya…true…many a times this happens to me..the moment u start comparing…happiness starts vanishing…
    my take is, aim for better life, but at the same time enjoying and appreciating for all that I have now….


    • Thank you Sunita for writing your views. Like you say, it makes perfect sense to focus on your aims. Some times I wonder if the aim I set for myself is based on what I want in life rather than what I set up based on the societal norms.


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