Getting lost in our own self!

WordPress suggests an introductory post as a kick off blog post!

So here is mine.

As a child (ie as far into the childhood as i can recollect), I have always been a dreamer. I remember my infinite gazings out of the class room window and my friends / teachers finally resorting to violent methods like throwing a piece of chalk after unsuccessful attempts to distract me. Some other times I was caught so involved in a movie that my mouth was wide open and my sister would insert a dry fruit and I would still not chew it. Till date i am being taunted for it.

What kept me so deeply occupied is something I still muse about. It is probably the way a human brain is wired with connected thoughts.

I watch a tree out of the window, zoom on into a branch, then to a bird on it. I rubble my brain to recollect where I saw a similar bird. I am immediately deported to the last summer holidays and the grany’s garden with a similar bird along side. I am then reminded of being accompanied by my cousins in watching the same bird hatching its eggs. Then on to the in-numerous games we played, the fights, arguments we had over trivia. And onto what I could have done differently to avoid such a trifle. so on and so forth.

Often I had to be shook out of this chain of thoughts else I could go on staring at the true and continue my world tour. Today as I watch my 3 yr old son (lets call him lil D gazing out of the door and not responding to me, I am reminded of those good old musings.


I sit back and wonder now, I could have built volumes had I drafted my thoughts! So here I am to muse aloud!


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