Kidlogic vs Momlogic!

Yeah the kids are getting smarter by the day and so are the moms! So here are some witty conversations with my 3 year old son who named himself Chintu, thinks his vocabulary resides in his mouth, believes his shirt’s colour is his  colour too and argues Kola (his pencil head) helps him with his home work. He loves holding mom’s hair during nap-time, wakes up in the middle of the night asking for more cashews, conducts science experiments during his bathe time, dresses himself up and brags about it. He never fails to look around for our cheers after every successful cricket shot. His favorite past-time besides painting, building blocks, cricket, story time, dancing his way to glory, feeding fishes is gazing out of the window. Oh wait forgot one! he loves transformers and imagines himself as Bumblebee and his dad as Optimus Prime.

He wouldn’t allow one single day pass by without getting us to muse #Aajkalkebache!

Scene 1: Acquaria, KLCC, Malaysia

Lil D: Oh I love these Sharks!
Dad: Shall we keep a shark as a pet back at home?
Lil D: [After a pregnant pause] Hmm. Sharks wont fit in our house.
Dad: Oh my! when will I grow up to be so pragmatic?

Scene 2: A cricket ball rolls under a cabinet

Lil D: [Tries pushing his hand below the cabinet with little luck]
Dad: [Attempts grabbing the ball with finger tips]
Lil D: Dad how did you think your hand will fit while mine didn’t?
Dad: (*&(*&%$%&^#*(

Scene 3: Mom and Dad leaving for a movie [ Time 10: 30 pm]

Mom: Little D why don’t you join us for this awesome movie
Lil D: What is the name of the movie?
Mom: Transformers [ Son’s favorite movie ]
Lil D: Hmm, You carry on.
Mom: Please join us we love your company
Lil D: No amma, I don’t like the lights being dimmed off in the theater. And I don’t like the loud audio too.
Mom: Are you sure you want to stay back alone? Wont you feel alone after we leave.
Lil D: No mom, I will play with my nanny
Mom: Ok dear, will be back soon [Wow, my reverse strategy actually works]

Scene 4: Meal time with Aunt on a lazy Sunday!

Aunt: So little D what is your plan? What do you want to do in Life?
Lil D: [With an expression implying – Cant you see?] I am eating.
Aunt: What do you plan to do after lunch?
Lil D: [Hmm some deep thinking] I will drink water.
Aunt: Wah, after that?
Lil D: I will clean my mouth
All of us: [This is just how far we should plan / worry about life]

Scene 5: Expecting a little cousin soon

Mom: Aunt will bring home a little sibling for you
Lil D: Oh great!
Mom: You will then be a BIG brother.
Lil D: Yay I am BIG brother. Lets go and play with the little baby
Mom: Hmm it will take a week for the hospital folks to give us the baby
Lil D: Starts crying, NO NO NO! Why do you want to take my little baby to the hospital. Please don’t take the baby to the hospital.

Scene 6: Mom trying to feed the Son his dinner

Mom: Little D I have made this mouth watering dish for you. Try out a little
Lil D: No mom, it is too hot / spicy / salty / deep fried etc
Mom: At-least try a little before commenting
Lil D: Can I try it after 10 minutes?
Mom: Hmm, may be after 2 minutes
Lil D: …
Mom: [Exhausted] Resorts to some engaging rhymes on the tab
Lil D: [Mouth wide open to eat whatever hot / spicy / salted food being fed]
Mom: [Left wondering how the cause and cure are both the same in his case]

Happy with their devices! Image Courtesy:

Happy with their devices!
Image Courtesy:

I strongly believe Aajkalkebache are who they are partly due to the role played by technology in their lives. Internet, TVs and mobiles have all become the necessary evil we cant do away with. So here are some tricks to manage this evil. They worked so far with my logical little man:

  • Created an imaginary character called Power Manager who controls the Internet Access. He provides access (for a limited time / day) only upon receiving an update from the parents that all the daily routines are taken care off. My son respects this Power Manager and his conditions 🙂
  • Made his favorite teacher suggest that he should watch TV only for a little time each day. My son who aspires to be this teacher’s pet religiously follows her recommendation and never misses to communicate this fact to her every time they meet 🙂
  • Other traditional methods – Shifting to brick and mortar methods of learning – shifting from app-puzzle to card-board jigsaws, youtube videos to puppet driven story sessions etc. Surrounding him with loads of interesting books and age-appropriate activities viz. flintobox, wonderbox, brown bag
Happier with instruments!

Happier with instruments!

  • Leaving him alone (read ignoring his commentary on the program) during his media time and paying complete attention, discussing minute details and engaging with  while he is involved in other activities

Try out and tell me if they work with your little ones too. Also share your success stories, would love to hear and learn from your experiences.

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My favorite love story!

# A 3 year old story#

A relation worth living for!

A relation worth living for!

As a teenager I never got convinced with the concept of Love. It meant craze / attraction / etc. to me.
When I met my boyfriend (now husband), I included trust and life long friendship to the list. Marriage corrected the definition a bit and added compromise. With the entry of my darling Son, My husband and I realized it is also shared responsibility and the list kept growing. Until last week

We know this very elderly couple in their late eightys. They were owners of our earlier residence.He was a doctor (Surgeon). 7 Decades ago he eloped with his professor’s daughter and got married. He has been the greatest lover I ever knew – He learnt Marathi for her. Bought and maintained a home as per her tastes. Watched Marati channels. When she- once a headmistress, got diagnosed to have Parkinson’s disease, took care of her day in and day out. He surpassed his own health complications and came out live for her. Whenever he was admitted in the hospital, he would always ask us to visit her.

When he got back home, he partnered with my husband to import and plant Red lotus (her all time favorite) in the garden. Every lotus gave this old couple so much pleasure. He just enjoyed watching her appreciate the flower.

We always thought she was lucky to have this man in her life. Until he was found unconscious in the bed 2 weeks ago. He was rushed to the hospital and put on intensive care. She would visit him at the hospital twice every day. In the beginning she was hopeful that he would get better and come back home. But as the days passed by and he juggled b/w unconscious state and a coma, her hope got dissipated.

On the auspicious day of Boghi (A Hindu festival) she passed away a few hours before him! It is further shocking to know that she was very unusual in her behavior the previous night – She would pray to god multiple times, speak a lot to her son and daughter-in-law and wouldn’t go to bed until she was forced to.

Did she guess something? All these years we thought he was waiting and watching out for her. But was it she?I know not. But I have found my answer to the quest… the undefinable LOVE.

Happiness redefined – in this world of relativity!

I am a girl from a modest background mostly brought up in small towns, with average levels of intelligence and memory power. I had my share of blessings, of being borne in an educated family, of having parents who encouraged education, of being brought up by a strong and independent lady who trusted in women empowerment, so on and so forth.

With my humble background and my aspirations many I managed an MBA from a widely acclaimed institute in this part of the World. I also am lucky to get to marry the love of my life with my parents blessings (which is quite rare in itself here and needs a special mention). I have a 3 year old naughty son. I am always proud for being able to pull of a successful career, happy married life and and a blissful motherhood in short a well balanced life. I am a happy person by many standards. And true I am happy!

Now, by the virtue of studying in a premier institute, I am lucky to have fundo friends who went on in life to become leaders in their domain of work. I sincerely feel happy for them. I applaud them on their achievements, I celebrate their happiness, I spread and share the news of their success.

But somewhere deep down I do compare. I question myself, “Why not me?”. I evaluate and end up messing with my self (confidence). May be sometimes I end up pushing myself a little harder not really knowing towards what.

Suddenly my glass turns half empty. Isn’t it just the concept of relativity playing bluff. Wait a second, why are external factors influencing my happiness? Shouldn’t my dreams, goals and efforts all be driven by my own SELF?

Now I am left pondering, when will I achieve that state of inner peace – The Nirvana?

Learning is now a child’s play

One literally had to sweat it out!

One literally had to sweat it out!

Some times evolution in structured learning surprises me. Think about it a 1000 years ago, if you got to learn you got to sweat it out at Gurukuls. You got to be equivalent of a servant to the Guru, please him with your service and get blessed with some gyan. May be not so far ago (and wrt some courses even today), you got to clear competitive exams, adhere stringent selection process of group discussions / personal interviews etc to get into that dream course of yours (Not to mention the slogging involved in completing the course).

This kind of highly involved and intensive format of learning is great for children. But as we get into full time professions, the opportunity cost just shoots up and our learning rate just drops off the cuff. The part time courses were the saviors for the conscious continuous learners. These courses with their increasing acceptability in the job market were a boon but nevertheless the self preparation and the examination process involved kept my types at a safe distance.

Wonder box as teaching assistant!

Wonder box as teaching assistant!

Today, with every home being connected, there are innumerable courses being made available through our smart devices. Just imagine, you could watch your favorite course video on your wonder-box while you sip your coffee at the comfort of your desk, or you could just turn on the podcast while you drive back home.

While we are at it do look up this interesting listing of 37 websites to learn things. Great job Krystina

Personally I love Coursera and found it damn easy and useful. While the acceptability / recognition for these courses is a little far away, they serve the purpose of fun-filled / easy learning.

So be happy to belong to this era of entertaining life-long learning and try out your first online course ever. Trust me, you will thank me for my recommendation!

Cheers to all the learners out there

Get help to get liked

Pleasures of giving

Pleasures of giving

My conservative upbringing made me a very hesitant being while seeking help. I always ruled out all the possible alternatives before having to ask someone something. But when it comes to helping others, I never waited to be asked. I would do what I could within my limited resources.

Recently I came across Ben Franklin effect which left me ponder over my behavior so far. We often believe that we help those we like and / or those of whom we assume will reciprocate. But, this phenomena says once you help someone you justify your own action (is this what is called pleasure of giving?) and start liking the receiver of the help. It even goes a little further and says, once you help someone, the probability of helping them again goes up further. John Jekher and David Landy’s research re-emphasizes the same.

Maa musings here
– Is this the real reason for the infinite and selfless mothers’ love?
– Is this why we see some philanthropists get addicted to philanthropy?
– Shouldn’t I actually be going around seeking help instead of trying to help?
– What do I teach my son, to help or to extract help?

Atleast one thing is clear, next time I need help I should seek it with no two thoughts!

May you be on both sides!

May you be on both sides!

My inspiration

Experiences vs Possessions

I am cheating a bit here. This particular post is infact my dear husbands’ musing. In our 5 years of marriage and many years of courtship, I have heard him vote for experiences over possessions innumerable times. I never fail to argue back that possessions also cause experiences.

To my utter dismay here is a recent research by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University. It emphasizes on the concept of adaptation to the possessions which deteriorate the happiness over time. Where as the experiences grow on us with time due to the conversations around them with our kith and kin. Apparently, these experience are ours and they stay with us longer and some times even after the material goods are used and done away with. Dear hubby so take my hi-five. I bow to thee.
Meanwhile I will muse about the car advertisement, where-in the wife hums in their new car on a rainy day and the husband repents having missed those blissful movements while being struck in the traffic on a bike until they bought the car. Don’t possessions cause experiences? Aren’t all the luxury brands selling experiences!

Getting lost in our own self!

WordPress suggests an introductory post as a kick off blog post!

So here is mine.

As a child (ie as far into the childhood as i can recollect), I have always been a dreamer. I remember my infinite gazings out of the class room window and my friends / teachers finally resorting to violent methods like throwing a piece of chalk after unsuccessful attempts to distract me. Some other times I was caught so involved in a movie that my mouth was wide open and my sister would insert a dry fruit and I would still not chew it. Till date i am being taunted for it.

What kept me so deeply occupied is something I still muse about. It is probably the way a human brain is wired with connected thoughts.

I watch a tree out of the window, zoom on into a branch, then to a bird on it. I rubble my brain to recollect where I saw a similar bird. I am immediately deported to the last summer holidays and the grany’s garden with a similar bird along side. I am then reminded of being accompanied by my cousins in watching the same bird hatching its eggs. Then on to the in-numerous games we played, the fights, arguments we had over trivia. And onto what I could have done differently to avoid such a trifle. so on and so forth.

Often I had to be shook out of this chain of thoughts else I could go on staring at the true and continue my world tour. Today as I watch my 3 yr old son (lets call him lil D gazing out of the door and not responding to me, I am reminded of those good old musings.


I sit back and wonder now, I could have built volumes had I drafted my thoughts! So here I am to muse aloud!